Emanuel Giurgea Senior Manager

Nadim Taher Senior Manager
Switzerland & Lebanon

Albert Lennon Senior Manager
United States

Patrick Besner Senior Manager

Christian Carlin Senior Manager


We have been in the software development business for over a decade, long enough to know that in this niche traditional conceptions of company organization often get in the way.

We created our own delivery methodology by eliminating various middle layers and redundant procedures. This new approach resulted in an increased quality and speed of communication. Our proven methods ensure that the whole process is like clockwork, affordable, and risk-free.

Our senior managers address the complexities of every new project early on, and shape a clear strategy to achieve the set goals and objectives. A variable number of handpicked specialists based in our headquarters execute every step of the plan. Each development unit is supervised by a project manager who also assists and reports to the senior manager.

We believe operational efficiency is the cornerstone of who we are. Working with us often feels like you have your own in-house development team without all the responsibility of managing it.